Carpet Lining

We offer the service to fully insulate, ply line and carpet the rear walls, door cards and ceiling. If you require the floor fitting service, we insulate under, supply and fit 12mm ply floor and apply industrial vinyl.

Our insulation products are pure sheeps wool and miothene. These offer excellent acoustics in the rear of the van as well as maintaining ideal temperatures to suit seasons.Our carpet lining is the best quality available, premier velour. It is available in light silver grey, medium grey and dark charcoal grey. Along with the black vinyl floor these colours compliment each other perfectly.

For this service we need your van for 2-3 days. Please see our Info page if accommodation is required.

At Unique Vans we only complete work on VW vans

Please use the photos below for viewing previous conversion work only.

We apologise, but we are no longer set up to convert any van other than Volkswagen Caddy, T5 And T6.